The Moments…

I believe life is all about the smallest of memorable moments that happen to shape who you become…

In small quiet, relaxed, uninhibited environment, I learn the most from my parents. Not when they’re in the pulpit, on a stage, being recorded, facilitating a meeting, etc., but when everyone is gone and everything is quiet and still. Each day they reveal more and more to me about themselves, others and the Almighty God we serve, and each day I walk around thanking God for allowing their blood to run through my veins. The very things in life that I have endured has been because of the God on the inside of them knowing exactly how to train me up, and I surely didn’t forget and was able to keep pressing forward.Β Years prior I used to sit back and just listen to them. Now I am a very active participant in these moments of sharing knowledge. I not only see them as my parents but first my Man and Woman of God, and for that I’m grateful because I used to refuse to see them as nothing else but my parents. Thankful to God that He is long-suffering because I have a hard head and when I was chastised by God, I finally had my “Aha” moment and a new realm of the Kingdom was opened up to me.

All of my days I live to honor my Heavenly Father and my earthly parents as they follow Christ…I love them to life!

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